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Tourist entrepreneurship is cold, what do investors think?

2019/9/25 9:50:46
In order to succeed in tourism entrepreneurship, we really need a combination of chance coincidence and solid operation ability. As an industry providing intangible products and experience services, tourism involves the purchase and integration of product resources. Behind the success of a tourism start-up company or product, technological innovation or breakthroughs are not decisive factors, while supply chain integration and service delivery capability are the core elements. The company has made breakthroughs in the hotel market in the past few years, and its strong offline push capability is the key to helping it build its supply chain.
For managers, investment behavior needs to refer to the changes of the overall market environment, but different indicators bring a variety of signals, which make investors at a loss. Different investors have different project selection logic. Under the circumstance of diminishing opportunities for platform-level entrepreneurship, how to grasp the dividends of new platform and big Internet ecology, and how to start an undertaking in accordance with the market demand has become something that entrepreneurs need to understand.
The first step for good projects is that business models can create better user experience and bring value to users. Many users'travel experiences are initially purposeless. From this point of view, it is not particularly beneficial to users. In addition, we are also looking at changes in the way users interact, including the way content is exported. After all, the so-called travel strategy in the past is out of date."
In this year's hotel accommodation section, OYO is a new variable. On the one hand, through the rapid integration of small and medium-sized single hotels in low-line cities, OYO hotel has realized the rapid growth of the number of rooms. It is reported that OYO has more than 590,000 rooms in China. But on the other hand, negative news such as data fraud and zombie hotels has been around OYO hotel for a long time. There are different opinions and criticisms on the mode and tactics of OYO hotel in the industry.
The general environment and pattern of hotel market in China and India make the value created by the same business model different. Without a good supply of hotel products, OYO mode improves the overall hotel products to a horizontal level. By contrast, the major domestic hotel brands have been working hard on Standardization for many years, bringing the Indian model to China has not brought about a real improvement in hotel room experience.
The cooling of the environment of market venture capital means that investors are more cautious when looking at projects. For entrepreneurs, they must be prepared for the difficulty of not getting financing in the short term. If financing is seen as a challenge, then I don't think they are really ready to start a business. The more obvious the 28 effect is, the more clear factual feedback is actually given to entrepreneurs: if the project is not good enough, it will not be able to complete the financing, and it will also enable entrepreneurs to eliminate the idea of entrepreneurship as soon as possible.
At the same time, when the environment is not good enough, it is more likely that the situation of "going out with noble children" will occur: first, only the really good ideas can be melted into money; second, after the money is melted, if the economic environment is not good, the enterprise will pay more attention to its cost structure; third, the customer is not good in the economy. It's not easy to spend money. Only then will entrepreneurs brainstorm to prove their value, and companies that can do these three things well in a poor economic environment will have stronger capabilities.

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